How To Easily Replace Your Oven's Power Cord

Posted on: 14 January 2016


It is not uncommon for the power cord on your oven to wear out long before your oven does. If the power cord on your oven is damaged or defective, you need to change it out. Here is how you can easily replace your oven's power cord on your own.

Prepare Your Oven

The first thing you need to do is prepare your oven for the repair job. Go to your circuit board and flip the switch for the circuit that powers your oven; that way, you can be sure that your oven is off. Then, unplug your oven.

Next, get someone to assist you with pulling your oven out. Make sure you have enough room to work with.

Take Off The Old Power Cord

The second thing you need to do is remove the old power cord. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the panel where the power cord connects to your oven. Then, pull off the cover of the panel. 

Now you need to remove the wires attaching the power cord to the oven. You should put on safety gloves before you proceed. Use your screwdriver to unscrew the connections, which are generally colored screws, holding the power cord to your oven. Pay attention and write down which color wire is attached to each screw. 

Once the connections have been loosened, pull out the cord the rest of the way and throw it away. If any wires get stuck as you are pulling it out, gently detangle them. 

Install The New Power Cord

Now you are ready to install your new power cord. You can purchase a power cord at an appliance store or from the manufacturer of your oven. Take the end of the power cord, and line up each wire inside of the power cord with the connectors inside of your oven. 

Use the notes that you wrote down previously and make sure that you line up the correct colored wire with the right connector. You'll want to wrap the wires around the connector and then tighten the screw. 

Once the wires are connected, place the panel cover back in place and secure it with screws. 

Test It Out

Plug the power cord into the outlet. Turn on your circuit breaker again. Turn on your oven, and make sure that it heats up properly. Turn on a heating element and make sure that it heats up properly as well. Have someone help you push your oven back into place.

This repair job should not take you very long. Replacing your oven cord will extend the life of your oven. If you need assistance with replacing your cord, contact an appliance repair technician. To learn more, speak with a business like American Appliance INC.