4 Signs You Need Washer Repair Service

Posted on: 31 May 2023


Your washing machine is supposed to do the job of cleaning your clothes automatically so that you won't have to wash your garments by hand, but this appliance doesn't always operate correctly when things go wrong with it. Some signs of a failing washing machine are easy to notice while others can be harder to detect until the problems become bigger. If you notice any of these four signs of trouble, you should schedule a professional washer repair service so that your appliance can start working again as it should. 

1. Strange Noises

Unusual sounds that are coming from your washing machine may be one of the first warning signs that you notice if your appliance is malfunctioning. Washing machines are usually noisy contraptions anyway and might make bumping or thudding sounds because of an imbalance in a load that's being washed, but any other unusual noises should be investigated. In addition to bumping or thudding, your washer could be squeaking or screeching for no explainable reason, and washer repair experts can get to the source of the problem.

2. Water Leaks

Leakage is another obvious sign of a failing washer, but the water that's leaking from your washer might be difficult to spot if the leakage is occurring behind the appliance at a slower rate. If you see any pools of water or wet carpet near your washing machine, you should schedule a washer repair service as soon as possible. Musty or mildewy smells near your washer could also mean that your washer is leaking even if you don't see any water near your appliance.

3. Unclean Clothes

When you remove your clothes from the washer, you expect them to be clean, but this might not be the case if your washer is no longer performing up to standard. Your washing machine might not be draining properly because of a drain hose or drain pump issue, or there could be a problem with the filter. Simple human error, such as overloading your washer or using the wrong setting, can also result in unclean clothes, but you should have your appliance inspected if you wash correctly and it still doesn't get your clothes clean.

4. No Spinning

The spin cycle is an important phase that's intended to remove a lot of the excess water from clothes so that they aren't sopping wet when the wash is complete. If the drum inside your washer isn't rotating during the spin cycle, you could have a problem with the drainage system or drive belt. The motor might also be malfunctioning and need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced.

If you want to ensure that your washing machine will function at its best, you shouldn't hesitate to contact washer repair professionals for any needed service. These experts can inspect your appliance thoroughly and will bring the necessary parts and tools to try to restore your washer.

Reach out to a washer repair technician to learn more.