3 Reasons Your Freezer Runs All The Time

Posted on: 10 February 2016


The motor inside of your freezer should not be constantly on. Your freezer should cycle on and off. There should be times when your freezer is quiet, and other times when it is running and making sounds. If your freezer never seems to take a rest, something is wrong with it. Here are the three most common reasons your freezer never seems to turn off, listed in the order they are most likely to occur in. 

Reason #1: Broken Temperature Control Thermostat

One of the most vital components of a properly functioning freezer is the temperature thermostat that controls your freezer. It sends information to three different parts in your fridge:

  • condenser fan motor
  • compressor
  • evaporator fan motor 

It tells all three of these parts when they need to turn on and when they need to turn off. When your temperature thermostat is broken, it causes these components to run without stopping. 

In order to test the temperature control thermostat, start the thermostat at the lowest temperature and turn it all the way up to the hottest temperature setting. While you turn it, you should hear a clicking sound. If you detect this sound, then your thermostat is working correctly and is not the reason your freezer is running continuously. 

If you don't detect a click, then the temperature control thermostat is most likely defective. You can further test it out by using a multimeter. You'll want to check for continuity with the multimeter. If you do not get a reading, that is confirmation that your thermostat control is behind your problems. 

You need to order a new temperature thermostat control compenent and have it replaced. 

Reason #2: Evaporator Fan Motor

If the thermostat is working correctly, the next most likely reason your freezer seems like it is running constantly is because the fan motor for the evaporator function is broken. Your evaporator motor is responsible for pulling in the air that circulates around your evaporator coils. The air it pulls in is also circulated inside of your freezer. 

It is pretty easy to test and see if your motor for your evaporator fan is behind your freezer problems. The fan motor is designed to turn off when your fridge is open,and to run when your fridge is closed. If you don't hear it turning on and off when you open and close your fridge, then you need to purchase a new evaporator fan motor. 

Reason #3: Condenser Fan Motor

The motor for your condenser fan in your freezer is responsible for drawing air through both your condenser coils and condenser inside of your freezer. 

You need to visually check the motor for your condenser fan. First, see if the blades are spinning freely and make sure that nothing is obstructing them. If the blades are not spinning, the motor may needs to be replaced because it has become run down. However, if the blades on the fan are spinning freely, but your fridge still sounds like it is running all the time, you need to test for continuity with a multimeter. If it lacks continuity, it needs to be replaced.

If your freezer sounds like it is running all the time, it is because one of the three parts listed above is not functioning correctly and needs to be replaced. Use this guide to help you determine which part is broken and needs to be replaced in order to get your freezer running normally again. Contact a service like Seattle's Best Appliance Repair for more information.