Tips For An Efficient Refrigerator

Posted on: 26 July 2016


Maintaining the efficiency of the refrigerator requires a bit of work and some common sense. If you stand with the door open trying to decide on what you want to munch on, for example, the compressor will have to make up for your delay. Fortunately, there are ways you can increase the efficiency of your refrigerator and avoid refrigerator repair.

Stay Away From Heat Sources

If at all possible, the refrigerator should be placed away from the oven, range, dishwasher, and any space in the kitchen that produces heat. Direct sunlight can also cause the compressor to surge into high gear to keep the contents of the fridge cold.

Check the Door Seal

The rubber seal or gasket in the frame of the fridge prevents warm air from getting to your foods. Even though the refrigerator can last and be efficient for many years, the gasket can wear out. The unit will work harder to keep the food cold and shorten the lifespan of the refrigerator if the gasket is defective.

Vacuum the Coils to the Refrigerator

The condenser coils are located in the rear or bottom of the refrigerator. When the coils become covered with dust and other debris such as spider webs, the unit will work double-timed. You can use a bristle brush to clean the coils to remove the buildup, so the fridge can operate easily.

Cool and Tightly Cover the Food Before Storing

You can save energy by being sure your foods have cooled down before you place them in the fridge. However, don't leave them out too long and let them spoil. You can use a Tupperware dish or plastic wrap to condense the heat and prevent it from escaping to other foods in the unit.

Organize the Food

You can save the amount of time the door of the refrigerator is open if the contents are organized. You should never place dairy products in the door. Utilize the entire space, not just the top shelf. You should store items that might clutter the top such as boxed items or serving dishes in lower shelving spots. Use the top shelf for the most used products.

Use All Spaces

You can place sealed bottles of water in the refrigerator to take up the space if you don't have it full of food. The compressor won't need to work as hard after the water is in place and cold. The space is covered, and the compressor can take a break because all spaces are cold.

You now know some of the tips to keep your refrigerator working efficiently. If you have a unit that has a water and ice unit, be sure to use it when possible. Think about what you want, before you open the door. The food inside will remain colder, and your power bill should also be lowered.