How To Deep Clean Your Front-Loading Washing Machine To Get Rid Of Smells

Posted on: 1 November 2016


Front-loading washing machines look nice, use less water, and are energy efficient. The downside to front-loading washing machines is the inner rubber gasket that can accumulate debris and dirt. If this dirt is left in your machine, it can cause the machine to smell after time, leaving your "clean" clothes not so clean. Your clothes may have a musty or moldy smell, or depending on what you have washed in your machine, an entirely different smell. See below for tips on how to deep clean your machine to get rid of smells.

Clean The Tub

Your washer most likely has a clean washer setting. If you read through your manufacturer's directions, it may tell you what to use to clean it (or it may say right on your machine). Some machines will say bleach only. Pour the bleach in the bleach bin in the detergent pull-out section, then turn the dial to the clean washer setting to get the bleach to work its magic. Once finished, your tub should shine. The bleach may not have gotten into the rubber gasket though, so move on to the next section to clean your washer further.

Clean The Rubber Gasket

To get into the rubber gasket, you'll need to pull it back. All the gunk is what needs to be cleaned out. Use a towel soaked with vinegar to help remove this gunk and leave your gasket clean and smelling fresh. You can also use bleach or even bleach wipes, but vinegar is a more natural alternative and helps to remove hard water as well.

Clean The Drain Pump Filter

This may not have been something that you have heard of before. Your washing machine has a drain pump filter that helps capture things that shouldn't go down the drain, like all of those things you left in your pocket that you forgot to take out before doing laundry—things like screws, nuts or bolts when you were doing work in the garage, or change from your morning coffee purchase. All of those items can eventually make their way down into the drain pump and get caught in the filter, along with other debris such as lint and hair. This pump filter should be cleaned to remove all of this gunk. Check your manufacturer's directions to see where this drain pump filter is located on your machine. It may be right on the front of your machine, or you may need to take off a panel at the bottom of your machine. Wherever it's located, be sure to clean it thoroughly and remove any large objects.

Cleaning your washing machine is essential to keep your machine working properly and cleaning your clothing thoroughly, leaving them with a clean feel and smell. If your washing machine still smells, contact an appliance service company like Goldman  Appliances Inc for assistance.