Repairing Problems With Your Electric Range Stove

Posted on: 20 October 2021


An electric range can be a popular type of stove due to its performance and efficiency. In most cases, these systems will be able to go for years without suffering significant problems. However, there are a few issues that signify your electric range stove likely needs to be repaired.

Dirty Burners

If your stoves burners have become extremely dirty or corroded, it can significantly reduce their overall performance. This is because these substances act as insulation that reduces the ability of the burner to effectively heat to the desired temperature. In addition to making it harder to cook food the way you need, this is a problem that may also cause wear to the system by forcing it to use more energy. Unfortunately, this problem may wear the wiring or other components of the range more quickly. Luckily, these burners are designed to be removed so that they can be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Faulty Control Panel

The control panel will be critical for providing effective and accurate burner temperature control. When this panel starts to malfunction, it can be more difficult for you to manage the temperature of the burners, which can lead to either burning or undercooking your food. Unfortunately, replacing the panel may be the only way to repair this problem. While this can be a major repair for your range, an experienced repair technician will be able to complete this project in as little as a couple of hours so that your stove's performance will be restored. Using a control panel from the manufacturer of your electric range can ensure that the range's full scope of features is restored by this repair.

Starting To Regularly Flip The Breaker

Your electric range will be a very energy-intensive appliance. However, if you notice that the range is suddenly starting to flip the circuit breakers to your home on a regular basis, this could indicate that the power regulator for the range is malfunctioning. Whenever your electric range needs work on power components, you should avoid making these repairs yourself due to the dangers that they can pose along with the level of difficulty of making these repairs. Additionally, attempting major repairs on the range yourself may void the warranty that you have for it as many of these policies will require repairs to be professionally completed. Luckily, the cost of repairing excessive power use by your electric range will be a relatively low-cost repair compared to replacing the entire unit.

Contact a company that offers range repair for more information.