Is Your Dishwasher Too Noisy? 3 Reasons To Seek Dishwasher Repair Services

Posted on: 29 July 2022


Dishwashers today are quieter than they have ever been. However, your dishwasher will still produce certain subtle sounds during the fill, wash, and drain cycles. After using your machine to clean your dishes a few times, you will get accustomed to the sounds it produces when working. Therefore, if you switch on your dishwashing machine and start hearing unusual loud banging or grinding noises, it means something is wrong with your machine. This article highlights the top reasons your machine is producing loud noises and reasons to call the dishwasher repair technicians. 

1. Overloaded Machine

Overloading dishes in the dishwashing appliance or incorrectly loading utensils can cause it to produce loud noises. That's because the spray arms will not have a clear spinning path and will hit the dishes during the cleaning cycle. As a result, your dishwasher will begin producing loud bangs. So, it is vital to follow the manufacturer's recommendation on loading a dishwasher and to ensure the spray arm has a clear path for spinning. However, if that is not the problem, you need appliance repair services.

2. Worn Out Dishwasher Pumps

One of the main reasons people invest in dishwashers is to reduce water usage since these machines don't use continuous flowing water like faucets. Instead, dishwashers spray and recycle water. These machines rely on the circulation pump to push water from the interior compartments through the spray arms. Unfortunately, after using your machine for a while, the bearings inside this circulation pump will experience wear and tear, causing it to produce squealing noises when working. 

Moreover, the dishwashing machine has a drain pump that directs the dirty water through the drain hose. When this component wears out or is blocked, it can result in grinding, squealing, and buzzing noises, especially at the beginning and end of each wash cycle. When dishwasher pumps wear out, you need to hire a repair technician to replace them and restore your machine's efficiency.

3. Damaged Impeller

The impeller is another important component in your dishwashing machine as it is responsible for draining dirty water and pushing clean water through the spray arms. However, these impellers can get damaged, especially when their fins wear out over time. When this happens, your dishwasher will get loud during the cleaning cycles. 

Also, sometimes food particles can block the impellers, causing them to make noise. Since the impellers are connected to the dishwasher pumps, it is important to hire a competent appliance repair contractor for repairs.

Dishwashing machines offer convenient service, save water and energy, and clean your dishes. However, if you don't take care of it, the appliance will experience issues that reduce efficiency and make it noisy. If you ignore such problems and continue using your loud dishwasher, it might break down within a short period. For this reason, it is important to call the dishwashing repair contractor to fix your machine and restore its quiet and efficient service. 

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